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All abstracts for the AVW 2018 must be submitted electronically. If you have a problem with your submission please contact us here

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Deadline for receipt of abstracts is 11:59 PM CDT, Sunday, May 20, 2018.

Abstract Submission Instructions:

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Capitalize all letters in the title. Do not put a period at the end of the abstract title.

Authors and affiliations

The first author listed on the abstract must be the person who will actually present the talk or poster. The presenter/first author must also provide their email address on the submission form; he/she will receive an email with a confirmation. Separate the authors names with commas; do not include academic degrees or job title. If there are different author affiliations, please use number superscripts to identify the authors and their corresponding affiliations. Keep it brief - institution(s), city, state, country. For example:

John Smith1, Jane Doe2
1Univ. Nebraska-Lincoln, NE, USA; 2Univ. of Nottingham, UK

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Do not include author names in the abstract text. The abstract body is limited to 2000 characters (including spaces) excluding title, authors, and affiliations. You will not be able to proceed if your abstract exceeds 2000 characters. Special symbols (e.g., Greek letters or other special signs) must be spelled out. Important: if you would like to use italicization, write the word like <em>this</em>

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The presenting author is encouraged to submit a personal photo that will be published in the abstract program to facilitate communication.

Presentation format

Select your first and second choices of the Five Great Questions of Aquatic Virology topic
preference. We will make every effort to honor the author’s selection of session and topic preferences.

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